Kartasidi Diana
Certified Translator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

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Our office
Our office was founded in 2013 at a key location in Athens, at 106 Ermou Street and 1 Arionos Street, right across the translation agency of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by the translator of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russian language, Ms. Diana Kartasidi and a small team of registered translators and lawyers. The purpose was to provide quality translations, on the basis of the huge experience of the team of translators, in shorter delivery times and at affordable prices for everyone. Over the years, this purpose has been rewarded with stable collaborations with large commercial, legal and other companies both in Greece and abroad as well as with the provision of services to a large number of individuals on a daily basis.
In the current period, having been adapted to the needs of the translation market, our office has a network of more than 20 partners/translators in a wide range of language pairs. This network consists of registered translators at Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as professional translators who are specialized in all kinds of fields. Therefore we ensure the ability to serve a wide range of texts, which are difficult to render by a common translator.
Our translations can be provided as verified by all official means (Verification QR code by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, lawyer's seal and Verification by the Athens Bar Association). However, we also provide simple translations of high quality for personal documents (resumes, letters of recommendation, university notes and dissertations, etc.), sealed by our office and delivered in both printed and electronic version.